Control perceived product value through Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy enforcement

Monitor, analyze, and preside over retailer activity with a tenth of the work

Manage your brand’s reputation and put your brand on the MAP

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MAP Watcher: Streamlined Brand Reputation Management

Defend your brand’s reputation with minimal time and effort with automatic MAP and Authorized Reseller policy monitoring and enforcement.

Monitor, analyze, and preside over reseller activity to protect the integrity of your brand

To paraphrase Warren Buffett, it’s easier to ruin a brand reputation than to build it. Your hard-won reputation depends not only on your products and services, but also on how resellers represent them. Since managing resellers and enforcing policies is a time-consuming job, we’ve automated that. So don’t worry about resellers ruining your reputation; let MAP Watcher handle that. You just build the best brand you can, and try not to mess it up.
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We design with CARE

MAP Watcher was extensively tested by one of the largest FBA sellers in the world to ensure it was perfectly designed.


We couldn’t find a software solution for MAP and Authorized Reseller policy enforcement that met our clients’ needs, so we developed our own.

We stand for EFFICIENCY

We understand labor costs. That’s why we built MAP Watcher to automate tasks formerly performed by a large investigations division staffed by PhDs.

We empower YOU

Our technical support staff is always on hand to help, and our developers listen to your feedback and implement the features you want.

MAP Monitoring

Detect MAP policy violations on Amazon and Google Shopping

Rogue Detection

Detect unauthorized resellers on Amazon and Google Shopping

Inventory Reporting

See current inventory to view reports for all sellers

Evidence Gathering

View archived screenshots of policy violations for evidence gathering

Automatic Enforcement

Upload enforcement letters to be sent automatically

File Importation

Quickly upload your updated MAP pricing list through the import feature

MAP Watcher monitors and defends your brand’s hard-won reputation

Automatically monitor and manage resellers on Amazon and Google Shopping to protect the integrity of your pricing and your brand. Let us help you put your brand on the MAP.

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    Popular questions

    We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.

    Q. What is a MAP policy?

    A.  MAP stands for Minimum Advertised Price. Before authorizing retailers to resell their product, brands often require them to agree not to advertise a price lower than the MAP price set by the brand. (Note that this does not mean the retailers can’t sell the product for less than MAP. It only means that they can’t advertise the product for less than MAP. Thus, some online retailers will get around MAP pricing by hiding the price until a user adds it to a shopping cart.) Enforcement of MAP pricing, however, falls to the brand, and many brands can’t afford to dedicate the resources required to enforce MAP.

    Q. Why set a Minimum Advertised Price?

    A: MAP policies prevent unhealthy competitive dynamics, including dumping product and undercutting price. Failing to set a MAP price can cause a “race to the bottom,” as retailers compete to lower prices until profits disappear. As price and profits erode, so may consumers’ perception of the desirability of your product. Thus, MAP policies protect both reseller profit margins and your product’s reputation.

    Q: What is a rogue seller?

    A: Rogue sellers are sellers who resell branded products without authorization by the brand. They include retail abitrageurs who have purchased inventory on a secondary market and even counterfeiters who may have manufactured their own.

    Q: Is there a monthly contract or sign-up fee for MAP Watcher?

    A: Try MAP Watcher free for 7 days, and then pay month-to-month. There is no sign-up fee and no penalty to cancel at any time.


    With our step-by-step guides, learning MAP Watcher is easy. Also check out our Frequently Asked Questions section. If you don’t find the answers to your questions there, be sure to visit our Contact page and ask our customer assistance team for help.

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