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At Channel Precision (CP), we are not just a software development company. We are a team of Amazon experts who have provided pricing, inventory, and listings management services for Amazon sellers since 2013. In 2016 we founded Channel Precision to offer rogue seller investigations as a service. Staffed entirely with PhDs, our investigations team became the best in the business. We developed large-scale data-mining capabilities and automated tools to help us identify and gather evidence against rogues.
As our tools grew more sophisticated, we had less need for full-time investigators. We shifted our focus to software development and repackaged our tools as a subscription service for direct use by brands. We also added extra capabilities, including automatic MAP enforcement and inventory scraping for authorized and unauthorized sellers alike.
Developed in 2020–2021 and extensively beta tested by several large brands, MAP Watcher makes it easy to monitor and manage reseller activity to protect the integrity of your brand. By eliminating the need for intensive human monitoring, investigation, and enforcement, MAP Watcher massively reduces your labor cost so you can build and defend your business’s moat at a price that makes sense.

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